Should I Pay Off my Mortgage Early?

Should you pay off your mortgage early? The answer is, “it depends.” In this article we will look at both sides of the mathematical and emotional aspects of paying off your home. More than likely, the math aspect will tell us ‘no, do not pay off your mortgage early,” while the emotional aspect will tell us to, “pay it off as quickly as possible.”

Debt Repayment with the Snowball Method

The “Debt Snowball” is a strategy for debtors to tackle their debt in a way that takes advantage of human psychology. Essentially, one’s debts are listed out from smallest down to largest and all efforts above and beyond paying minimum payments are focused on paying off those on the top of the list. The smallest debts are paid off first. The largest debts paid off last.

6 Reasons Not to Pay Off Your Car Loan

There can be advantages, particularly in certain economic environments, where it can make perfect sense to hold on to that car note even if you have the money to comfortably pay it off. There are always two sides to every coin and that certainly applies to whether to pay off your car, truck, boat or whatever you have that gets you from one place to another.

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